Preparing for your Boudoir or Glamour Photoshoot

Thank you for considering to do a boudoir photoshoot with myself. Together I'm confident we can make very special images that you use on your portfolio or give to somebody special.

Before your shoot, it is very important that you read the following information.


Most Important Advice:

In order to look your best, it’s vital that you arrive to the shoot feeling rested and in the mood to pose and have your photos taken. It’s not always easy, but the best way to prepare is to have a good night’s sleep before the shoot and to avoid alcohol the day before.

Ensure you eat something before the shoot, the last thing you want during the shoot is for your tummy to be rumbling!


Suggested Items to Bring:

  • Sexy lingerie - at least 5 items of your favorites, e.g. matching sets of bras and knickers, baby-dolls, silk gowns, corset, body stocking, fishnets, garter & stockings.
  • Bathrobe - to wear between shooting
  • High Heels, and if you have them, thigh high boots
  • Hair accessories (a flower, clip, pins for up-dos etc)
  • If the shoot is for "Him", why not bring an item of his clothing to wear.... perhaps a dress shirt or part of his uniform if he wears one?


Other Good Advice:

Please arrive to the studio on time, and plan your journey and leaving time carefully so that you do not feel rushed and stressed for the shoot. There is often disruption to public transport at weekends in London. Please look at to plan ahead.

Expect the process to take some time. In order to get your best photos, we need to experiment and find the best angles for you, realise what expressions represent you best and work together to give you something that you’re happy with. The session will be slow and relaxed.